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These prophesies and more, would not have been feasible or possible in the 1980's or even 1990's America. However, since the advent of the new millennium both democrat and republican administrations have put America squarely in line to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

President Bush's response to the terrorist attacks of 2001 was to give America the "Patriot Act," in the which Americans not only traded a hunk of our freedom for false-security, but the doors to a surveillance society were cracked open. During this period of time, National ID Card and subdermal RFID tracking-chip legislation was passed. We also lost ground on personal property rights under the Bush administration, thanks to SCOTUS' judicial action expanding government power with regard to eminent domain siezures.

And every day that dawns under the Obama administration brings a new assault on personal liberties; an additional dictatorial "executive order," which bypasses the "people's house;" a new erosion to our rights to self-determination; and attacks upon gun rights and freedom of speech. Especially frustrating to Christians is the continual tortured parsing of our freedom of religion, which said "parsing" only has the incremental effect of relentlessly eroding Americans' right to believe, and worship as we choose.

Jesus said, "let him who has ears to hear, hear." With all these losses of liberties, one must be willingly-blind not to see the trajectory America, and this world's inhabitants are on, and how rapidly these effronteries are transpiring. Doesn't nature, even the universe itself,
"The 'End Times' and Civil Liberties"
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