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Reprinted from a previous Facebook posting

May 6th 2014 -

Probably 98% of my FB friends know that I'm a preacher. God has been too good to me for me to hide my light under a bushel, so possibly an equally large number of my non-FB acquaintances know that I confess Christ as well.

So then it occurs to me earlier today to ask myself, since I unreservedly believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God, then why am I so put out about relentless government overreach, and the daily usurpation of our Constitutional rights, and the incremental infringement upon our American liberties?

I mean, I blog paragraph after paragraph about these offenses, ostensibly to do my part to wake folks up to the impending danger, but also to educate, and to motivate peeps to hit the ballot box so as to stem the tide of the encroaching evils.

But today, this preacher is reminded that the Bible foretells of a time just before the return of Christ in the which there will be no such thing as individual rights or liberties. Commerce will be completely controlled; free-will will be eradicated; every human being will be marked and tracked; surveillance will be an everyday reality and only a solitary government-sanctioned religion will be allowed to be observed under penalty of death.
"The 'End Times' and Civil Liberties"
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