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In the late 1990's, an actor by the name of Keanu Reaves, teamed up with the directing-duo of Andy and Larry Wachowski, to bring the Sci-Fi fantasy called "The Matrix" to movie theaters everywhere.

Fueled by high-energy scene-blocking, revolutionary "bullet”-camera cinematography, and lightning-quick, precision Kung-fu fighting sequences, the Matrix not only succeeded at the box office, but spawned two sequels.

The Sci-Fi trilogy revolves around Reaves who portrays Neo, a gifted computer hacker who is awakened to the startling revelation that his life, and the lives of his fellow humans, were in reality an intricate computer-generated fantasy created to keep mankind subdued, placated and under control!

In the Matrix's dystopian future, a massive self-aware computer controls every aspect of human existence, and mankind has been reduced to pod-encased, interlinked, "human batteries" whose electro-chemical brain impulses provide the energy necessary to power their dreamworld, and ultimately, their own computer-created captivity.

The people under the control of the Matrix, eat, sleep, awaken, go to work and play. They have triumphs and tragedies; successes and failures; they give birth and suffer the loss of loved ones. Their lives are far from perfect in the Matrix's computer-created reality; but that is why the computer's deception is so perfect, and its control over mankind so complete. Human beings inherently know that perfection
"Keanu Reaves and Kingdom-Come"
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