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is an illusion, so by creating and fostering ordinary lives for people, the Master Computer had constructed the ideal prison. The Matrix was in reality, simply an elaborate, cradle-to-grave, “system of control!"

After Keanu becomes aware of the actual nature of mankind's existence, he sets off with messianic fervor to find and confront the sentient computer in order to liberate the humans from their unwitting bondage. In a pivotal scene in the second film of the trilogy, Keanu comes face-to-face with "the Architect," the human-looking incarnation of the Master Computer. During this confrontation, Keanu learns that he himself, is simply the latest in a line of “messiahs,” performing his role in this, the latest version of the Matrix—and that even the prophecies that pegged Keanu as mankind’s deliverer, are themselves simply another well-crafted “system of control.”

By now, some of you readers are probably saying to yourselves, "I thought this was the 'Pastor's Blog,' not the Movie Critic's Corner!" Thank you for hanging with me—here is the payoff:

The Matrix provided the citizens of Keanu's make-believe world with the illusion of self-determination in order to keep them docile and subjugated. Wait for the fictional denizens of the Matrix, we real, non-celluloid humans living in 2015, have only the ILLUSION of control over OUR lives and choices! Huh! Get it? Let me explain:

If you thought the global warming issue was about protecting the environment or saving the planet, think again. If you were of the
"Keanu Reaves and Kingdom-Come"
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